VPI Reviews

VPI Reviews

Sep 14th 2010 @ 2:24PM Filed under: Pet Insurance Reviews

If you currently use or have previously used VPI to insure your pet, please let us know how your experience has been with them.

Please leave your honest review below and try to be as detailed as possible. Your review can help our users select which insurance provider to use for their pet.

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  1. Manny says:

    I agree, I just got notice that VPI was paying less than 1/3 of my claim $95.00. I pay over $400.00 per year.

  2. Donna says:

    I also used to have VPI Insurance. My son left a bottle of prescription Ibuprofin out on the counter and my male bichon got ahold of it and chewed the lid off and ate 2 of them. The agent at VPI that I talked to told me how much they would cover for the cost when I took him into the vet and that yes I was covered for that incident. What a liar. I turned my papers in and never got a dime. Later when I called they said they never recieved them. I faxed them and had a report showing it went thru. But then they also told me I had waited to long to call back. it was only 3 months. It was a complicated bill to read I know because my female was on it too they wanted to pump both dogs stomaches just to make sure she didn’t take any. so I just figured it was just taking them a while because the bill was so high with the hospital stay and everthing. needless to say I quit paying for their insurance. I will give them this they had a few small vaccination bills and VPI paid on those claims quickly. I faxed those claims too. It seems that they are ok with their wellness plan but if you want major medical I would go elsewhere.

  3. Elle says:

    I purchased VPI with double cancer coverage for my 2-1/2 month old kitten back in 1997 and stayed with VPI throughout. We didn’t need to use the insurance much until he was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma in December 2009. I was shocked and saddened when VPI only paid around 55% of the actual vet bills. After surgery, the prognosis was that my cat might have another 4 years. After 10 months of treatment VPI stopped paying for small cell lymphoma, saying we’d reached our coverage per incident limit. Unfortunately my cat’s condition grew worse and he passed away in November 2010. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson – get a policy with no annual or per incident limits that reimburses based on the actual vet bill.

  4. Eric A. says:

    I purchased and maintained a VPI policy for my dog. The policy was in force for about 12 years. I switched to Pet’s Best because I didn’t like the way VPI pays claims. VPI low balls the consumer in terms of payment of claime due to the fact that VPI uses an archaic payment schedule instead of what your vet bills actually cost. I would not recommend VPI.

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