Pets Best Reviews

Pets Best Reviews

Sep 2nd 2010 @ 2:17PM Filed under: Pet Insurance Reviews

If you currently use or have previously used Pets Best to insure your pet, please let us know how your experience has been with them.

Please leave your honest review below and try to be as detailed as possible.

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  1. Manny says:

    I currently have VPI, was considering Pets Best. Based on these reviews, looks like I will be switching after VPI barely paid my claim. Nevermind I have paid almost $1200. In premiums the last 3 years.

  2. Lisa Davers says:

    I was looking for pet insurance a couple of years ago when I adopted Freckles. She was 15 years old but still in good health and Pets Best was one of the few companies who didn’t automatically disqualify Freckles because of her age. Their policy structure is good as they pay based on actual vet bills vs a fee schedule, don’t reclassify chronic illnesses as ‘pre-existing’ when the policy renews and they have different coverage levels to choose from to fit your budget. I took out the insurance for Freckles and my younger cats and just had to make my 1st claims this year. Freckles needed liver surgery and a few months after that developed kidney disease and some heart issues. When I submitted my claim , which was over $7000 in total, I was expecting the spanish inquisition since Freckles was so old but they processed my claim really quickly and I was paid within a couple of weeks. A couple of small items were excluded but it was for things like prescription food which were called out in the policy. I am especially happy that they covered all the expensive diagnostic tests for the liver/heart and the ongoing tests and treatment for the kidneys. Pets Best have been really professional all the way through and are a good company to work with. They aren’t the cheapest for younger cats but their coverage of chronic conditions and senior cats mean that your policy will last your cats lifetime.

  3. Vivian Rossi says:

    I ansolutely Love my Pet’s best insurance. They were amazing! A very helpful staff who were willing to go the extra mile for me. Thank Goodness for pet’s best insurance was able to cover my dogs injury! I cannot imagine not having pet’s best insurance.
    Thank you Pet’s Best!

  4. Claudia says:

    I moved to the States a couple of years ago and I brought my 12 year old chocolate labrador with me. Not long after we discovered a large lipoma in her belly. Treating her was a complete nightmare and super expensive as vets in USA are VERY expensive..mostly in the west coast. Unfortunately because the high expenses we were not able to give her the complete treatment and remove it with surgery, only paid 400 for the biopsy, fortunately the lipoma was not malignant and she can live with it for now.

    After that terrible experience I start to think in getting her an insurance for further emergencies or illness…I was quite doubtful in the beginning as I expected the insurances were going to be as expensive and tricky as many veterinarians..but after many hours of talking with Pets Best representatives I was convinced to take the step. Some months later, Luka got an ear infection, with complications that produced a hematoma..and now I had to pay again a lot of money…but this time, thanks God, I had the insurance!! Even treated her with two different doctors..they got all my claims and paid fully what was supposed too!! Fast, easy, no problems or sneaky things… I was able to save more than half of the bills, which I will use to keep paying the insurance until my dear dog pass outs..(hopefully in a long time) and even then Pets Best will help me pay some of her cremation…

    I really recommend to get your pet an insurance. Think this…If your pet needs a medical attention and you don’t have insurance, you may end up paying a huge price, and your money only would be paying that single treatment..without having covering your pet for anything else at all.
    But if you use that same amount of money, and you invest in paying the insurance, the first time you use it will be paid your pet has been protected all the time…for that or other events. In other words.. you can get much more for your money!! You can be sure is the best invest.

    Remember vets don’t forgive an invoice. Be sure to have enough money to pay fully any treatment and event in your pets life..

    Hope reading my experience had helped you!

  5. Eric A. says:

    Pet’s Best pays claims better than VPI does. We switched to Pets Best and have had the policy in force for about 2 years. They reimburse the customer based on the actual cost of the vet bill, not an arbitrary payment schedule. While Pet’s Best is not great by a long shot, e.g. you will still not get reimbursed as you think you should, it’s better than VPI (in my opinion).

  6. Judi says:

    I’ve had 4 claims over a 3 year period with Pets Best. It has been easy to file claims, and they have always covered the entire bill without question, minus my $75 deductible and 20% copay. Last year I got back the premium amount because of one foxtail-in-the-nose incident (ouch) and a concern that Hannah was losing weight, which necessitated blood tests. For the foxtail, I had to take Hannah to 2 different vets because it didn’t look like the first vet solved the problem. They waived the $75 deductible on the second visit because it was considered the same incident. I was so pleased, this year I purchased insurance for my new (to me) second dog, Roxie. She was clawed by another dog about 10 days ago and had a big incision. Again, they covered it promptly. Unfortunately I didn’t have pet insurance for Roxie when she developed nerve cancer right after I adopted her–so I paid for treatment myself. And although her policy considers nerve cancer a preexisting condition, it will cover her if she develops another kind of cancer. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that the girls will be covered for unforeseen illnesses and injuries, especially as they get older. Roxie is 8 and Hannah is 11.

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