Healthy Paws Reviews

Healthy Paws Reviews

Sep 14th 2010 @ 2:10PM Filed under: Pet Insurance Reviews

If you currently use or have previously used Healthy Paws to insure your pet, please let us know how your experience has been with them.

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  1. Rachel B. says:

    I have two chihuahuas who are both 3 years old. I have submitted multiple claims on Beau (my problem child) who developed allergies and then demodex mites from the steroids he was given to treat the allergies. He has been seen multiple times by a veterinary dermatologist (which is definitely not cheap!).

    What I love about this company is the ease and speed of the claims process. I just bring a claim form with me to the vet’s office with my portion already filled out, have them fill out their portion, and then they fax it to Healthy Paws for me. You receive an explanation of benefits within 1-3 days after submitting a claim and a reimbursement check about 7-10 business days after that.

    It is also easy to customize your pet’s plan to fit your financial needs since they offer several different annual deductible and reimbursement percentage options. What I love most about this company, however, is the exceptional customer service! They really convey a genuine concern for your pet’s well-being. For instance, after my other dog, Bella, experienced an allergic reaction to a vaccination, I received this e-mail:

    “Thank you so much for faxing over the signed claim form for Bella. We have applied the costs associated with the vaccine reaction to satisfying the deductible. I hope Beau is doing well with his skin and that Bella is not having any lasting effects from the allergic reaction. They are always so sad when they get the inflammation around their face, but it sounds like it resolved quickly. Please let us know if we help with anything for Beau and Bella.”

    If you are debating which company to get your pet insurance from, you will not be disappointed with Healthy Paws. I have already recommended it to all my friends and family who have pets.

  2. Rebecca M. says:

    Three weeks after getting Healthy Paws coverage for my youngest dog Andee, he became very ill. Andee has never had a serious health issue, so we were very surprised by his symptoms. After rushing to the ER and a number of tests later, Andee was diagnosed with lymphoma. I would never have thought my youngest, healthiest dog would be the first to go. I was in such a state of shock the Healthy Paws staff kindly took care of contacting the ER and handling the paperwork. I didn’t have to do a thing. Then I received a very thoughtful email from the company along with my coverage statement. Shortly after that I received a check for the ER visit reimbursement. Healthy Paws paid exactly what I expected based on my deductible and coinsurance. No surprises. (I had other pet insurance in the past and was ALWAYS surprised.) The only surprise here was needing to use the coverage so soon!

  3. Jane C. says:

    My husband and I wanted to be able to afford to give our rescued Australian Cattle Dog, Sara, the very best care for the rest of her life, so we enrolled her with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Approximately two months after signing her up with Healthy Paws in February, I noticed occasionally lameness in her right back leg. I took her to her vet, who examined her and gave the diagnosis of a partial cruciate tear and recommended surgery (not an unusual injury for very active and athletic dogs). We also consulted with a highly recommended surgeon. He confirmed the diagnosis of Sara’s vet and explained two procedures and gave me estimated costs for each–Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture—Modified Retinacular Imbrication Technique (MRIT) (approximately $3000) or Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) (approximately $4000). I submitted the estimates to the Healthy Paws Claims Team. Even though the TPLO was more expensive, they did not hesitate to encourage me to go with the recommendations of the surgeon. Sara had surgery on a Friday. On Monday I submitted the invoice and received a 90% reimbursement within 72 hours…FAST REIMBURSEMENT just as they advertise. AND, with an explanation and breakdown that was so easy to follow and understand. And if this isn’t enough, I just learned that hydrotherapy for Sara will also be covered! The Healthy Paws Claims Team was so supportive—they all have pets and are so knowledgeable about everything related to dogs, including this specific surgery.

  4. Brian and Jill N. says:

    I have to say one of the most remarkable things about Healthy Paws is how much it doesn’t feel like you’re working with a typical insurance company. All the folks we’ve come into contact with have been wonderfully supportive and genuinely care about keeping pets healthy. I am so glad we purchased our coverage when we did, as our boxer experienced a severe liver condition soon afterwards. Throughout his stay in ICU to his return to home healthy and happy, the Healthy Paws staff had our back on the claims so we could focus on getting him healthy again. The claims process is easy, reimbursement is prompt, and the premiums are very reasonable considering the overall quality of service. I would highly recommend this company to any pet owner! They help make difficult times a little easier by allowing you to focus on your pet’s well being instead of worrying about the financial burden.

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