Embrace Reviews

Embrace Reviews

Sep 9th 2010 @ 8:22PM Filed under: Pet Insurance Reviews

If you currently use or have previously used Embrace to insure your pet, please let us know how your experience has been with them.

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  1. Brody's Mom says:

    Words don’t even begin to express the “WOW” that accompanies having your pet covered with Embrace. My pup suffered bilateral hip dysplasia. Not only did Embrace cover the FHO (surgery), they cover the rehab as well. This allows my pup (only 8 months old) to have the best shot of recovery available to him. Rehab is very expensive — worth it clearly — but no small claim. Not only is this covered the reimbursements are so prompt – in some instances less than 72 hours – WOW. Customer Service is awesome, every representative I speak to is knowledgable and kind as well as caring – another WOW! Then get this WOW — they provide exceptional coverage. Not all providers cover the things that Embrace has. I did my homework when selecting this insurance. I had a very unfortunate experience with another pet insurance provider. So I learned a lesson the hard way with that other carrier. I know what I speak as to providers and Embrace – WOW — they are AMAZING and offer a SUPERIOR product. This provider has allowed me to get the best care for my sweet pup and believe when I say — not all insurance companies are that way — THANK YOU EMBRACE!

  2. Jeani Coleman says:

    I have a tiny toy poodle who came with problems. After 3 leg surgeries and a later bout with dehydration, this poor dog had spent her first year and a half in ERs and surgeries and our pocket books were busting. By the time we took out insurance on her with Embrace, we had already spent close to $4,500 on this $1,500 dog. Embrace is great. They walked me through all the pre-existing conditions and told me what was covered and what was not. They worked with me on a plan that was best for all concerned. They are the nicest people and GENUINELY care for and I repeat GENUINELY care for you and your pet. After she was on the policy for a year she came down with eye disease which required surgery. Embrace was great. They spent extra time in order to get the surgery approved in a timely manner because the timing was critical. They were always there to answer the phone. Each person I talked to was friendly, caring and helpful. They are like family! When you call them, you don’t go through a long menu tree. You get to who you need to talk to and they help you out. Since her surgery in March, she has had a number of follow-up appointments. Embrace always honors our claims and in a timely manner. Whenever I take her to the vet for anything other than wellness, they cover the procedure. When I was looking for insurance companies, I talked to several and none of them were friendly and caring like Embrace. None of them showed that they cared if I signed with them or not. And, Embrace told me what to look for in an insurance company because I told them I was shopping around. One of the things they told me to watch for was evident in one of the big pet insurance companies. I’m so glad I signed with them. I wish all insurance companies (human) were as professional and caring as Embrace. You will be very happy if you sign with them and your pet will get better care because of them, because they will help provide healthcare for your pet.

  3. Judy P. says:

    We made our first claim with Embrace in September and, although they did ask for all our pet records for up to a year before we first insured him, the process was fast and easy and we got a check in a few weeks. Our vet made it easy for us by faxing all the needed information directly to the company. But so far we have no complaints. We need to file another claim on another pet now and hope it goes as smoothly, especially since its for much more money.

  4. Shannon L. says:

    We have Embrace Pet Insurance for 5 out of our 6 animals (other cat is too old). At first I was a bit discouraged by all the detailed history I had to ask my vet to print out & fax to Embrace (2 yrs worth for each animal). But I am glad to say it is only a one time process so they can establish each pets medical history. After filing my first few claims, that minor annoyance was long forgotten when we got refunds totalling $659.23!! The wellness rewards is probably the greatest benefit. There is no waiting period & it covers $200 per animal per year for all the little things that add up. We spent a total of $1124.90 on 4 dogs, in a span of 2 weeks (vaccines, heartworm prevention, blood work, spay/neutering). Let me reiterate…We are getting back $659.23!!!!! There was no hassel. They received my claim via fax & the next day I received an email telling me to expect my checks! It was like Christmas! I highly recommend Embrace for all pet owners! If you love your pets as much as I do, you undoubtedly spend alot of money at the vet. Finally, pet owners are being rewarded for being responsible!

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