Why Pet Insurance Is Important

Why Pet Insurance Is Important

As medical technology for animals grows in sophistication, so does the price tag for treatment.  The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) states that many pet owners are choosing to spend on pet health insurance as a result.

The AAHA recommends that every pet owner take a long look at purchasing insurance for their pet.  Due to this, they have put together a set of guidelines and tips for those who are seeking more information.  Ultimately, they do not wish for a pet to suffer or even die because funds are not available.

As said, our pets are living longer and better lives as a benefit of developments in medical technology.  Unfortunately though, there are times when pet owners have to take tough decisions.  Without insurance and in these difficult times, veterinary care can create substantial debt.  Unable to pay for treatment, some owners find themselves with no choice but to euthanize their pet, which is a terrible shame.

The AAHA has spent over 70 years endeavoring to make the lives of pets better.  It does not want to see a tight budget be the reason a pet must be put down or live in poor conditions.  They consider pet insurance to be a viable solution.  Despite being on a tight budget, pet owners are recommended to consider a policy which has a high deductible as this lowers the cost per month spent on premiums.

Amazingly, in recent years since 2002, twice as many pets are now insured in the US than before.  However, many are left uncovered still.  Those without insurance may face a sad and unnecessary end, not because their owner cares less, but rather because they are unaware of all the benefits to be gained from insurance, as well as its accessible price.

In the case of an emergency or a serious illness, pet health insurance takes the pressure of the owner financially.  Many more options are available for treatment and overall much better care can be given.  All kinds of things from lab tests to major surgery can be covered.

The pet health insurance market offers a lot of options, from differing monthly premiums to different levels of deductible.  Some policies even have deductibles which go beyond $500, but in this case the monthly premium would be lower.

The AAHA has said that it thinks the majority of pet owners are able to pay for an insurance policy up to a level of $500 on the deductible.  Beyond this level, the cost for treatment can become very difficult to manage.  The majority of these policies with large deductibles have been awarded the AAHA Seal of Acceptance as they comply with a specific group of criteria.

A high deductible policy must offer coverage which equals or betters those policies which have smaller deductibles.  The pet’s owner should be able to choose any licensed veterinarian they decide on.  A policy which has a high deductible is not an inferior policy – it is simply one where a larger deductible is paid.

Don’t allow your beloved pet to be left without cover as a result of the high expense of veterinary treatment. The AAHA advises every pet owner to have an insurance policy in place so that their pet has access to the care it needs.