Veterinary Pet Insurance or VPI, has been in existence since 1982 and is available in all 50 states. VPI covers animals from cats, dogs, birds, and exotic animals. VPI offers coverage for those emergency care visits and illnesses that arise, an optional CareGuard Coverage is offered to cover any routine care that might be needed with the animals.

VPI covers diagnostic testing for illnesses, some medications, and in birds many of the costs related to illnesses such as bacterial and viral infections. VPI also covers reoccurring illnesses as long as they aren’t pre-existing conditions.

VPI works on a benefit schedule that is provided at the time of purchase. This table lists all the available coverage and how much of each procedure VPI will cover. This prevents surprise costs and coverages. There is a list of maximum coverage provided and it is replenished every year that the pet insurance is renewed.

How VPI works is the pet owner picks a veterinarian of their own choosing. All vets are covered with no need to have them be pre approved by the company. The pet owner then faxes or emails the claim form to VPI who will use the benefit schedule and the vet diagnostic charts to determine what category your insurance claim is filed under. After meeting the deductible that is with the policy your claim is sent out.

VPI offers a coverage for life policy that ensures once your pet is covered it’s covered for their lifetime.