Trupanion is focused on covering those unexpected pet expenses from illnesses and accidents and does not cover any routine pet care. Cats and dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 14 years old are allowable to be covered under Trupanion.

Through Trupanion coverage of hereditary and congenial disorders can be covered. Trupanion does not automatically write off these conditions as pre-existing but instead goes off a veterinary recommendation of these illnesses. Diagnostic testing, surgeries and medications are covered through Trupanion for all pets and have no limit.

On every approved claim through Trupanion 90% of the bill is covered and back in the hands of the pet owner. There are no caps and limits put on any of the claims or conditions. No penalties will be put on the pet owner for submitting claims through Trupanion. This ensures that the pet insurance rate won’t increase over time or due to the fact that there are multiple claims that have been sent through.

Trupanion offers a fair premium on every pet. The price of the premium won’t increase due to the fact that the animal is aging. The only time the premiums will increase is when veterinary costs rise, and the rise in premiums is to cover that rise in costs.

A quick customer service experience is offered through Trupanion. A routine regular claim is ofter processes within 24 hours of being submitted on a business day. There is no longer any long waits for claims to be approved. As long as the medical charts are submitted correctly and along with the plan a quick response is offered to the customer