Petplan US is one of the longest running pet insurance carriers, in existence for over 30 years. The Petplan insurance worldwide has over 1 million pet owners using it. What makes Petplan unique is that they offer coverage of hereditary conditions and illness that might come up when owning a purebred animal.

Petplan offers a coverage for life guarantee. This guarantee ensures that a pet’s health care costs will be covered on any chronic illness or disease that the pet may experience in its lifetime. This coverage/guarantee is offered on all plans with no hike in premiums. Every year Petplan renews the yearly limit that each coverage has, so pet owners will never reach their coverage cap and have to pay high amounts out of pocket.

Every pet is different, and PetPlan offers unique customizable pet insurance options for the pet owner and their pet. Ranging from basic veterinary care and emergency illnesses, to some unconventional treatments from acupuncture and chiropractic services as long as the regular vet has recommended such procedures. Also offered in some coverages is diagnostic testing and screening for illnesses and diseases.

Petplan also offers many discounts to pet owners, from ordering online, to micro chipped animal discount and multiple pet discounts. 90% of all Petplan insurance holders renew their policy yearly.

Petplan offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all their policies. If the pet owner isn’t entirely satisfied for whatever reason within 30 days what they paid is returned to them.