PetFirst Healthcare

PetFirst Healthcare

PetFirst Healthcare was founded in 2004 with the goal of offering simple, easy-to-understand pet insurance for dogs and cats.

PetFirst’s pet insurance premium is unaffected by the age, breed or medical history of your dog or cat.  PetFirst is also the only company to offer family plans which are designed especially for multi-pet households.  With a family plan, pet owners can insure up to three pets under one plan for a fraction of the cost.

Plans are available to cover accidents only or accidents and illness.  PetFirst also offers comprehensive plans to cover accidents, illnesses and routine care including vaccinations, prescription flea control and office visits.  PetFirst offers optional coverage riders to provide coverage for chronic or hereditary conditions, conditions related to breeding and/or prescription food.

PetFirst plans reimburse 90% or 100% of veterinary expenses after a $50 or $100 per incident deductible.  PetFirst’s coverage is unique in that it reimburses claims based on what is actually paid at the veterinarian and not what we think you should have paid.

PetFirst Healthcare is based in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and offers pet insurance throughout the U.S. and Canada.