AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Insurance

American Kennel Club (AKC) Pet Insurance is one of the leading providers of pet insurance in America and offers customizable coverage that will cover your pet’s health care needs. These plans are entirely unique because they allow customers to choose their own Deductible (from $100 – $1,000), Incident Level ($1,500 – $8,000), and Annual Level ($3,000 – $16,000).

Customers choose from two base plans: CompanionPlus (Accident and Illness coverage) or CompanionSelect (Accident only coverage).

From there, you can add-on Inherited and Congenital coverage with InheritedPlus, Exam Care coverage, as well as one of two different Wellness options: Defender or DefenderPlus.

AKC Pet Insurance policies can be customized to meet the individual needs of the owner and their pet. Their website offers examples of recent claims files from customers in order to show how their company operates.

AKC currently offers a 30-day certificate of insurance for any newly registered AKC dog. Activate your policy within 28 days of AKC registration for coverage that includes Veterinary Treatment & Surgical Procedures, prescription medications, X-rays, CT scans & MRI’s and numerous other advantages that can be found in their standard policies.

There are several financial benefits to signing up with AKC. If you insure two or more pets with this company, you will receive 5% off each pet’s premium. AKC also offers a free look period, in which you can cancel your newly acquired pet insurance policy within 30 days and they will refund your premium in full, provided you have not submitted any claims.

With AKC you are able to choose the vet, specialist or animal hospital of your choice so long as they are licensed in the United States or Canada and their policies are available in all 50 states. Furthermore, their health care provides coverage for the entire lifespan of your pet and they provide an easy process towards renewal.

AKC covers cats and dogs of all ages and breeds and provides excellent customer service 6 days a week.