Pet Insurance Companies

Pet Insurance Companies

AKC Pet Health Care

AKC Pet Health Care offers coverage for your pets in all of the fifty states, and boasts more than twenty years of experience. What’s more, it is based on the American Kennel Club, hence its abbreviated name. There are plans available to suit all needs, from basic cover all the way up to fully inclusive, specialist policies, and any policy can be easily renewed to last the lifetime of the pet.


ASPCA has more than ten years experience in pet insurance, and is also active in all fifty states. However, its trading name varies from state to state and you may have seen it as Pets Healthcare Plan or ASPCA or the Hartville Group. This came about due to the recent joining of the Hartville Group with the ASPCA. ASPCA’s policies will cover a cat to 15 years of age, and a dog to 13 years of age.


Embrace Pet Insurance is run out of Ohio but covers all the fifty states of the US with their pet insurance plans. The company prides itself on customer service and transparency in its policies, with an exceptional thirty day refund period where you as the client can try out the service, risk free! Furthermore, pet insurance with Embrace covers your pet for its entire lifetime, and discounts are available in certain cases, e.g. electronically tagged animals, multiple pets to be insured and more.


The Hartville Group has operations in all fifty states but after its recent merge with the ASPCA, now trades under different names in some places. It has more than ten years experience in the pet insurance industry and is now the top supplier of pet insurance policies for the ASPCA.

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation provides one plan that covers everything related to your pets’ injuries, illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions (at no additional cost), and emergency care. Healthy Paws covers up to 90% of any diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and other treatments prescribed by any licensed veterinarian you choose and provides up to $25,000 in lifetime benefits with no annual or per incident caps.

Pet Care

Pet Care covers pets not only in the fifty US states, but also in every province in Canada. As with many companies it uses differing names depending on location, those including QuickCare, ShelterCare, 24PetWatch, and Union Plus Pet Watch. Once your pet is older than eight weeks, it is eligible for a policy no matter what its circumstances are. Furthermore, the policy is valid for the animal’s lifetime if so desired.

Pet First Healthcare

Pet First Health Care has its roots in Indiana but offers coverage in all fifty states. A relatively new company, it was started in 2004. Pet insurance plans can be adapted to suit your needs and the company tries to be as clear as possible. It also claims to be able to reimburse for expenditure as soon as two weeks after processing.


Petplan has one of the longest histories in the pet insurance industry, with more than thirty years of experience. In fact, an incredible one million plus people use it to this day. Petplan’s popularity comes from its many benefits including, coverage for inherited diseases, like time guarantees with no increase in monthly premiums and discounts for certain cases. Testament to this popularity is the statistic that 90% of pet owners insured with Petplan choose to renew their policies each year.

Pet Secure

If you are based in Canada, then you may already have heard of pet secure as it is the largest pet insurance company in Canada. Pet secure have a guarantee which lasts for the lifetime of the pet and there is also no limit on expenditure during this time.

Pets Best

This insurance company was created by a veterinarian with more than twenty five years working in the industry. With then standard policy, 80% of costs incurred are covered after the deductible has been taken off. They use a system where if they have not explicitly said a treatment is not covered then it is. This could even include something like acupuncture!


PetSafe has been taking care of pets and their owners for over 20 years, and we are excited to offer PetSafe Insurance. Our insurance plans cover 70, 80, or 90% of the cost of care you provide (depending on the plan chosen), with no benefit schedules or ‘usual and customary’ fee limits.

Purina Care

Purina Care offers coverage in 47 of the 50 United States. Purina has existed in other pet industries for just over 85 years, but its insurance arm was started in 2008. Purina Care runs its policies so that the deductible only has to be paid once per year instead of for each occurrence. There is no limit on cost for care during the pet’s lifetime, though there is a yearly cap of $20,000.


Trupanion is the United States branch of the pet insurance company called Vetinsurance, which itself operates in Canada. Trupanion is a pet insurance provider aimed at covering accidents and emergency care, rather than everyday pet care. Animals up to the age of 14 are accepted onto Trupanion’s policies. The process for a normal claim is very streamlined and can usually be completed within one day during the working week.

Vet Insurance

Vetinsurance began operation in Canada in 1999 and operates an unusual scheme were there is no deductible needed from the pet owner. The owner must simply pay the vet visit, and can expect to receive up to 90% of this expense back after submitting a claim. There is also no penalty for submitting claims. Lastly, there is a trial period of thirty days in which you can try the service out risk free.


Veterinary Pet Insurance, also known as VPI, began operating in 1982 and offers coverage in all states except Alaska. VPI tries to make its claims process is clear as possible and does not restrict the pet owner to any particular veterinarian when seeking treatment. It also has a lifetime policy to give owners extra peace of mind.