Eczema in Dogs

Eczema in Dogs

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Skin problems are very common in dogs and many will experience at least one in their lifetime. The condition of a dog’s skin and coat is usually a good indicator of its overall physical heath as the condition of both will falter when suffering from an illness.

Eczema in DogsThere are numerous skin conditions that can affect dogs though one of the more common problems is caused by eczema, which is a superficial inflammation of the outer layers of the skin. It is caused by an abnormal response by the dog’s immune system. The signs that your dog is suffering with eczema are relatively clear; what is not clear however, is what is specifically causing the irritation. The most notable sign that your dog is suffering from eczema is a red and itchy scalp and constant itching; dry and scaly skin is another frequent occurrence caused by eczema.

Common causes of eczema in dogs include irritants such as: detergent, paint, bleach, skin care and products which contain alcohol. It can also be caused by parasite or insect bites or poor nutrition. Eczema is often seasonal and is therefore most likely to occur in warm or particularly dry weather.  High levels of stress are also often linked with the emergence of eczema.

Further eczema symptoms include:

  • Hair Loss
  • Pain
  • Pustules
  • Oozing
  • Moist coat

The effects of eczema in dogs…

Are made worse by the dog’s actions; as their skin becomes increasingly itchy and the dog becomes more and more irritable, it will scratch continuously at the affected areas, thus making the condition of the skin worse. This often leads to further problems such as scaling of the skin and weeping of sores.

The best mode of treatment is removing from your dog’s environment whatever it is that is causing the problem; as previously mentioned, this can be difficult, therefore a process of elimination is often required. Once the source of the irritation has been discovered, there are several simple treatments available to reduce the effect and cure eczema; there are a number ointments and anti-inflammatory medications that can be prescribed to reduce the symptoms caused by Eczema, it is important to sooth the irritated areas of the skin so as to reduce itching and therefore further damage. Applying Neem oil to the skin after bathing has been proven to decrease itching thus stopping your dog from scratching and harming the already sensitive area.

It is a good idea to avoid commercial dog foods as these contain certain ingredients that can affect a dog’s health. Opt for natural and organic products to maintain and even increase the dog’s health and immune system; organic products can be found at any reputable dog store. In the majority of cases Eczema will be treated successfully and quickly disappear giving your dog comfortable relief. It is important however to keep an eye on the issue as it can return, especially if the substance causing the irritation is not permanently removed from the dog’s atmosphere.

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